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"The beauty of mathematics only shows itself to those who have the patience to study it" - Paul Dirac.


Join us on your journey to academic success and be prepared for the university!

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FeverMath Program

FeverMath is a comprehensive program offering personalized weekly classes in mathematics or physics. Whether through individual or group sessions, our aim is to provide a gradual and systematic learning experience.

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Math or physics lessons, in spanish or english, for 7th grade students or above, to prepare them for high school or university


Students having on-line classes

On-line modality: individual or group lessons (maximum 4)


Schedule of classes

2 hours every week through the whole year, in order to ensure a gradual learning process



1 Student at a time

2 Hours

Every week

/ Hour

$ 60

2 Students at a time

2 Hours

Every week

/ Hour

$ 50

Sale ticket


3 or 4 Students at a time

2 Hours

Every week

/ Hour

$ 40

Sale ticket


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About me

Picture about Federico Testoni

Hi there! I'm Federico Testoni, a 27-year-old Argentinian industrial engineer with a postgraduate degree in macroeconomics from UCA, Argentina. I am currently studying an MBA at St. Thomas University in Miami, USA. I have a lot of enthusiasm for teaching and I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, math, and physics


For this reason I have created FeverMath, a program that will accompany you throughout every week of the year so you can enjoy maths and not fight with it! Let’s do it together!


Founder & CEO 

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Miami, FL, USA

+ 1 (754) - 275 - 8658

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